Referral Program

Start making money today, by just linking back to Ultrashock with your unique referral code! Any member enrolled will receive a 20% commission on the first item purchased or first deposit made by all new referred members. 

Here are some examples:

  • One of your Twitter followers clicks your link and deposits $25,  you earn $5 
  • A friend who clicked on a link in your email, purchases a $150 item, you earn $30
  • Ultrashock banners on your blog referred a visitor who deposits $300,
    you earn $60!

How does it work?

Join our community - Our Referral Program is open to all registered members. You'll gain access to useful account features including referral statistics and sales information, a customizable profile page, and much more.

Get your referral code - The moment you register as a member, your username will be part of your unique referral code. You'll have to add /&ref=username to the end of any url to create a unique referral link. More details below

Share your unique referral link(s) - Put your unique referral links on any external website, and the Referral Program starts right away from the moment someone clicks it. We created some great looking banners and provide tips below to get you started.
Track your referrals - Your account comes with in-depth referral statistics. You'll see the number of referred visitors, signups, and generated earnings, the moment your first referred visitor arrives at Ultrashock. 
Cash out! - Referral earnings will be added to your account balance, and can be used instantly to buy any item on Ultrashock.  You'll also get a 10% discount on all items! You can request a payout to your PayPal account once you've reached $100 in referral earnings.

Referral link examples

The moment you become a member, your username will be part of your unique referral code, for example: /&ref=username. To create your unique referral link, simply add it to the end of the url(s) you would like to share. See example below:


You can add this code to any Ultrashock page you want to link up, including your own profile page, any forum topic, asset detail, our blog, etc:


Banners, logos, and tips

There are many techniques to increase your referral income.
Here are just a few tips to attract new visitors through your referral link: 

  • Increase the visibility of your referral link by placing one of our banners or logo on your website. Banners can be very beneficial if they are clearly visible, by placing them above the fold and when they don't get distracted by many other banners. 
  • Use text ads instead of banners.  Google can do it successfully, so can you!  You could use the following copy: "Are you looking for amazing Flash, Audio, Image & Vector stock, powered by a great community?  Visit Ultrashock today!", and add your referral link to it.  You can even put text ads in your email signature.
  • Feature Ultrashock items on your own website or the social websites you are a member of.  Think about a status update on Facebook, or a Twitter 'tweet'.  You might mention items like this: "I found a cool Flash gallery today: http://your-referral-link".
  • Promote Ultrashock on your blog, or make comments to other blogs you visit. Write about the Ultrashock marketplace and premium stock files we offer in other forums, and include your referral link.
  • If you contribute regularly to other forums, place your referral link in forum signatures.  

Ultrashock Referral Program Fair Use Policy

  • Browser cookies will be used to track all of the visitors you refer. If they clear their cookies, we'll be unable to track them.
  • Referral cookies will expire after three months. That means a user who clicked your referral link has three months to sign up and make their first deposit or purchase.
  • If referred users click multiple referral links by different members before signing up, the first clicked referral link is the one that applies.
  • Promoting your referral link from within the Ultrashock website is not allowed. Setting up bounce links from other domains to be used within Ultrashock to gain referrals is another technique we can't accept.  Referral links can only originate from external websites other than Ultrashock.
  • Referrals will not apply if a user first visits the Ultrashock website, and thereafter clicks on your referral link.
  • Referrals will not apply for users sharing the same IP address.
  • Your referral code will not work with our '' short urls. 
  • Authors are eligible to earn the additional 20% referral commission, on top of their Contributor Program commission rate, by combining both programs.
  • Ultrashock, LLC reserves the right to  change or modify the 'referral program fair use policy' at any time without prior notice,.
  • In addition, we reserve the right to  temporarily suspend or permanently terminate any member accounts without notice if we suspect  violations of the guidelines set forth above or activity conducted using unfair practices or unauthorized usage whatsoever. Member accounts closed for unauthorized use are subject to forfeiture of ALL earnings.