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Make money by selling your Flash, audio, vector art and images through our marketplace. Our growing community of 292,265 members is always looking for fresh and unique content!

How does it work?

Join our community - Our Contributor Program is open to all registered members. You'll gain access to useful account features including sales statistics, customer support tools, a customizable profile page, and much more.
Read the Author Guidelines - It contains important information on how the Ultrashock marketplace works. Get to know our technical, quality, and legal requirements before submitting your work. We also provide pricing and licensing guidelines. 
Select exclusivity - Exclusive authors earn a 60% commission on all sales, while non-exclusive authors earn 40%. Exclusive authors can still sell other items elsewhere, as long as they are not the same items submitted to Ultrashock.
Upload your items - After selecting your exclusivity, you can submit up to three files to finalize your application. Your items will go on sale immediately, the moment they are approved. Make sure you read the submission instructions to avoid any rejections.
Track your sales - Your account comes with in-depth statistics functionality, so you can always check your sales & earning history. Generated earnings will immediately be added to your account balance. You can use your earnings instantly to buy items, or request a payout at the end of each month once your account exceeds $100 USD.

Refer new users and get a stunning commission!

Looking for maximum earning potential? Simply combine our Referral Program and Contributor Program and you'll earn from 60% up to 80% in commissions! We have some great tips which will help you generate more visibility to your items, and thus more sales & earnings.

How do I give support?

Although we review every item submitted according to our Author Guidelines, authors are solely responsible for any additional item support (this doesn't apply to audio, vector art or images).

In order to help us minimize support requests, please provide in-depth documentation, helpful comments in your code, and maintain a frequently asked questions list that explains the item and helps the user understand it.

We provide a discussion page for every Flash asset, where members can request help from authors and other members, or give feedback.