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Welcome to Ultrashock, the Ultimate Creative Marketplace™. We offer a wide range of Flash, audio, vector art and images created by a growing community of professional artists with over 60,938 members!  You'll find royalty-free items starting from just $1 USD, ready for use in your creative projects.

How does it work?

Join our community - Before you can buy creative stock, you'll need to become a member. It comes with additional benefits: you'll be able to join item discussions, follow authors, start forum topics, customize your profile page, and much more.
Find what you need - Enter keywords in the search field on top of any page,  browse by category list, visit contributor profiles, view popular files,  or use the Creative Assets menu to select a specific item type.
Review license options - Pricing for Creative assets is based on file type and complexity, resolution, and most importantly the required license.  Most of our authors offer multiple license types, covering a wide range of personal and commercial use.
Buying items - You can pay for items using PayPal and credit cards, or by making a prepaid deposit to your account, which gives you an additional 10% discount on every item purchased. You can also use earnings generated by our Referral Program.
Downloading items - Once you purchase a creative asset, it will be available for download in your purchased file list. You can rate purchased items, and download them at any time, even after the author releases an updated version.

10% discount on all items!

Get more bang for your buck on Ultrashock! We offer a 10% price reduction on all advertised item prices (including extra licenses), when you pay using your prepaid account. There are three ways to add money to your account balance:

  1. Referral Program earnings are added instantly to your account balance.
  2. Contributor Program authors also have direct access to their earnings.

What about support?

Although we review every item carefully, the author is solely responsible for additional support. Please read all manuals, code comments, and FAQ's for each item. We provide a discussion page for every creative asset, where you can request help or give feedback. Authors may accept custom enhancement requests but it's up to them whether they wish to provide this service or not.

Our forum may also be used to discuss item topics, get inspiration, or give feedback to others. We also provide a private message system, if you want to contact any of our members.