Prop3D Macbook

Prop3D is a unique interactive Papervision3D media player component which can be customized and preloaded with your original videos, images & audio.

The player itself is a 3D object, and can auto spin or be mouse tracked in a 3D space. Prop3D includes a Collada 3D model and an ActionScript 3 component that loads it in a specific position using the component inspector.

The really impressive thing about this component is that it allows you to load videos, images and sounds (displaying an equalizer) over a canvas within the model via an XML playlist.

Finally, being able to customize the png meshes which construct the 3D object, makes it the most complete Papervision3D based component on the market.

Additional features include:

  • Great Memory and CPU Handling.  This feature requires flash player 9.0.115 or higher 
  • Data Driven. Prop3D loads information from XML objects so you can customize your play list according to your needs. 
  • You can also modify the play list with the API. 
  • Customizable mouse interaction. You can set the prop to face the mouse vertically, horizontally or both, with the screen always visible, or configure it by simple API calls.
  • Auto Spin Spin Speed. You can set the prop to spin automatically and change its speed, even with mouse interaction.
  • Model customization. You can create your own props or use the props adding elements to the scene.
  • Customizable UI Settings. Developers can easily customize every possible aspect of the prop display: position, rotation, camera, and even mouse interaction.

Ultrashock teamed up with Zero Fractal Studios (the makers of the popular Tree3D component) to bring you these premium quality, unique and exclusive UltraComponents.  Make sure to check out the other Prop3D components.