Introduction Even though the two solutions have similarities and Telerik is addressing additional and far more SharePoint features with every single new release, in our belief there are nonetheless two distinct purposes Sitefinity is geared for information conduite of a community site SharePoint is geared for enterprise-large document conduite and collaboration of an Intranet site. We have diverse tasks exactly where we are heavily concerned with both solutions, so we keep up-to-date on both equally products. Sitefinity is a great solution with a wonderful future Telerik continues to improve the solution to with a keen eye for bettering the solution to tackle the most important aspects of material management. SharePoint is a big cumbersome solution that is way more than priced for its performance and key shortcomings. Our stance on SharePoint is to only remain on the surface area with a configured implementation devoid of customization. When we try to customise the item, we promptly come across it is tough if not impossible to handle (ex. personalized types with InfoPath will cease and restart the entire Sharepoint service mainly because a DLL update is released). There are some very awesome capabilities that are challenging to conquer and consequently we use it, but we vehemently alert our consumers about the pitfalls of customization. Can Sitefinity be utilized for document management and collaboration? Sure it can, but the larger the implementation, the tougher the case gets to be for the SharePoint functions that Sitefinity will not at the moment have (ex. custom lists, spreadsheet info entry, nested internet sites in internet sites, the ability to preserve a template of an total website hierarchy including information for simple reuse, and the granular backup scheme that permits solitary document recovery). Will Sitefinity continue on to challenge Microsoft until finally the tides transform? I am self-assured that Telerik can and will consider on Microsoft SharePoint. If you seem at Telerik's item line, they have consistently carried out a much better visual resource then Microsoft even when it is Microsoft's personal style and design (ex. RADControls, Sitefinity, Net UI Examination, etcetera). Can Sitefinity do it in the in the vicinity of foreseeable future? No, I will not feel so. Telerik is using their time to get Sitefinity v4. proper and addressing their recent core consumer base internet site material management. That is in which they really should be concentrating and evolving. With there top iphone apps excellent visualization skills, they can and will add characteristics that will immediately contend with SharePoint. What a single SharePoint element would I want to see in Sitefinity? Make it possible for me to duplicate HTML content material which include photos and paste them into a material block wherever the copied photos are handled automatically within Sitefinity. Hence a rapid Handle C to duplicate and a Control V to paste and the material is carried out. I never want to have to save every graphic or image individually to my desktop, then upload them into a Sitefinity image library, then make a reference to every on in the text subject material at just about every strategic place. Sitefinity is marketed to customers since the time they preserve controlling information within just Sitefinity has an ROI of a few of times. A CMS bundle breaks down the barrier to the creation of new subject material or the updating of current subject material. One particular can login and go to an appropriate content module to add the distinct subject material without having worrying about page design and dependable website construction, it is accomplished for them. However, if you are hunting to deliver in active information (ex. HTML with photos), there can be a considerable effort to 'reconstruct' the information when pictures are formatted into the content... the barrier is even now rather higher. So What are the differences between Sitefinity and SharePoint? Sitefinity Sharepoint Atmosphere Sitefinity Community Sharepoint Private Libraries Sitefinity Certainly SharePoint Sure Workflow Sitefinity Light SharePoint Light with GUI Image Library Sitefinity Much better SharePoint Excellent Blogs Sitefinity Indeed SharePoint Yes Wikis Sitefinity Good SharePoint Better with reduce and paste photographs Newsletters Sitefinity Weak SharePoint No Person Conduite Sitefinity Indeed SharePoint Certainly Position Management Sitefinity Sure SharePoint Of course Permissions Sitefinity Certainly SharePoint Sure Kinds Manager Sitefinity Full with v4 SharePoint Difficult Page Layout Sitefinity Easy SharePoint Sophisticated Personalized Lists Sitefinity No SharePoint Certainly Templates Sitefinity No SharePoint Complete reuse Nested Web sites Sitefinity No SharePoint Certainly Research Sitefinity Very good SharePoint Superb Price tag Sitefinity 1 time small price SharePoint High priced to get or lease Slide Library Sitefinity No SharePoint Yes World wide web Parts Sitefinity No SharePoint Of course Consumer Controls Sitefinity Of course SharePoint No What would you add to this list? 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